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Cleaning carpets is a cumbersome and major chore which should not be embarked on by home or business owners. There is a reason why this task must be taken on by professionals. Carpet cleaning experts are here to use special methods that can leave your carpet pristinely clean and smooth, with zero stains guaranteed.


Here are the four phases that every carpet cleaning task must go through –


The Pre-Vacuum Phase


Every residential and commercial carpet cleaning starts with technicians who pre-vacuum the carpet before the major cleaning job commences. Specialized industrial vacuum cleaners are used during this stage, thus, all foreign matter that soils the carpet is removed without difficulty.


The Pre-Spray and Deodorize Phase


The next step is to pre-spray the carpet with a special product which will release the dirt elements. This is a unique, non-toxic product which separates the soil from the carpet, allowing the easier removal of dirt through steam or dry cleaning methods. The spray product also has deodorizers which mask and eventually absorb the stink of the carpet.


The Stain Treatment Phase


The third stage of the cleaning process is when all stains are treated using non-toxic stain removers. Name the stain and our technicians will be able to remove it! There are coffee and tea removers, removers for rust, red wine, ink, paint, lipstick, even chewing gums.


Milk and food stains will also come off easily with the protein-based remover. Are you worried about that water mark caused by a recent flood or the removal of potted plants? That can also be easily addressed using special processes.


Steam or Dry Cleaning Service


While dry cleaning is highly recommended, steam cleaning is also happily offered to clients. The company uses the latest European machineries specially made to put high pressure spray on carpets.


Dry cleaning, on the other hand, is a thorough cleaning method. So if you want your carpet to “look and feel clean,” then you should opt for this service. You will also have the added bonus of getting your carpet back in just two hours. Dry carpet cleaning also means zero shrinkage and buckling which is why it is highly recommended for thicker carpets such as those made of wool.